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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist ~Emily Neko~20/Female/United States Group :iconthe-barricade-oct: The-Barricade-OCT
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PErection Elizabeth PRInCeSS by Euphobea

sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i...

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~I do not draw anything pornographic~
~I am long when it comes to requests, so bare with me~
~My d.A siblings have access to free commissions~



Tagged zeh :iconshiroshototsu:

1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags


About me :

1. I love churros...and pizza...and churro pizza...and pizza churros...

2. I find babies adorable but toddlers are an annoyance

3. I'm short as fuck

4. I CANNOT talk on the phone to save my life

5. I'm learning how to play the Ocarina

6. I wrote horrible HORRIBLE fanfiction when I was close to being ten years old

7.  I love horror movies but I refuse to watch "The Strangers" ever again

8. I have just come into possession with a beautiful 11th Doctor cardboard cut-out 

9. I want to marry Tom Hiddleston

10. I get plenty of sleep...depending on if my mother allows me to sleep past noon

Questions my Kohai asked me:

1. What's your favourite anime/manga? 
A very hard question! So far, my favorite anime is "Black Butler", and my favorite manga is "Pandora Hearts"

2. Favourite breakfast?
I rarely eat breakfast, but when I do, it's usually just cereal. But sometimes, during the holidays, my mom makes this super awesome Cinnamon Roll Cake...oh my god I want one now

3. Do you like oranges?
I do!

4. Do you like to play games? If so, what type?
I like RPGs and fantasy games. I also like games that let you create your own characters and yeah, Dragon Age, heh 

5. Best pony?
Is Discord a pony?...No?...I'm joking XD Rainbow Dash

6. Best Pokemon
Umm....erm...this is hard...Meowth

7. Favourite bed time story?
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

8. Was this productive?
It gave me something to do

9. Do you liek donuts.?
Of course!

Uh this isn't a question...

Questions for you the people I tag:

1. If you're a fan of Doctor Who, who is the best Doctor?
2. If you were stuck on an island and were only allowed to have one book to read, what would it be?
3. Favorite survival game?
4. How did you react when you heard about Alan Rickman's passing?
5. What about David Bowie's passing?
6. Do you like pickles?
7. Favorite dank meme, braw?
8. Do you believe in the conspiracy that Donald Trump is actually a Lizard Man who has been sent from Planet Trttigdfkj to revive Hitler just so he can help him open his pickle jars?
9. Do you believe in the conspiracy that Donald Trump is just a normal human who wants to revive Hitler just so he can help him open his pickle jars?
10. Do you believe that Donald Trump exists?

...I'm not sorry

Discord (laugh) plz 

I tag

  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: Voltaire
  • Reading: Creepypasta
  • Watching: Vids you shouldn't watch before bedtime
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blood--I mean, Diet Coke


EmilytheNeko's Profile Picture
~Emily Neko~
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
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My Favorite Things
Nightmare Before Christmas Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 Goblin King by Tawnyish Rise Of The Guardians Stamp 2 by DemoniumAngel pan's labyrinth stamp by otakulottie Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Stamp: NBC's Hannibal by tranimation-art Black Butler Stamp by Armor-of-Fire Break stamp 2 by Neji-x-Hyuuga Voltaire Stamp by Speilbilde Nightwish Stamp by ZeKRoBzS Mad Cheshire Cat stamp by XxFlameFrost101xX STAMP Edgar A. Poe by TTPersephoneTT Stamp - The Legend of Zelda by toniworld Ib stamp by Daiki-nim Dragon Age Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato Law of Talos - #1 Karl Fan Stamp by PogorikiFan10 Zoophobia stamp by Angel1565 Decembersville stamp by CountANDRA The Property of Hate RGB :STAMP: by OatsAndToast Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Welcome to Night Vale Stamp by SpoonyMacks Stamp - Salad Fingers by Pestdoktor Happy Tree Friends Stamp by snoopykiss Obsessed with Smile Guide Stamp by Silv33r Don't Hug me I'm Scared Stamp by Ba-sh Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: Synchronize to the End! by Oreleth ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight PewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chan Cr1tiKaL Stamp by GooGooDolls-Angel Stamp :: Achievement Hunter by homestucktroll123 Danny Sexbang is my favorite Grump Stamp by Bloody-Uragiri EverymanHYBRID stamp by magical-bra TribeTwelve Stamp by Kr3ssidia Marble Hornets Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat . slenderman stamp . by rradive

d.A sisters:
:icontheshadowsstrike: :iconhappyferrets12: :icongniredrum-vampire: :iconyoungguardian: :iconmionofdeath:

d.A bros:
:icon69bellasbitch: :iconxxxchad:

My kōhai

Best friends who are awesome artists and writers as well~!
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:iconfuriousstalker-chan: :iconnolfinkol:

Other accounts:
Tumblr: wxnter-soul
Fanfiction: EmilytheNeko
YouTube: Emily Neko
Steam: EmilytheNeko

~Note me if you want my email or Skype. Requests from friends only~

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Mariodan23 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
EmilytheNeko Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh thanks
Tami-Fox-200 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh, I know this is late, but thank you so much for watching! I hope you had a happy new year! :D
EmilytheNeko Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol it's kay 83 you too!
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Happy New Year!
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Happy new year!
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Thanks! You too! 8D
NummyPixels Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey my brother Nova told me what happened with that guy hate favoring your works. And I wanna say I'm really sorry he made ya feel so sad. : (

I'm gonna report him as it's against the rules to do that. And he's overall an unpleasant little twerp. So I apologize greatly for what he's done. I'd also suggest to block him and if you'd like file a report against him yourself.

I hope you feel better, though, and that he doesn't bother you again!
EmilytheNeko Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, thank you so much. I did block him, and I did report him too. I'm just glad there are people who are on my side of things. I really appreciate this *Hugs* 83
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